Listening with Carol Chermaz

During the covid-19 pandemic we have been reaching out to project partners, to ask how their lives and research has been affected. In this post, Marie Currie Fellow Carol Chermaz (University of Edinburgh) shares her current work on listening tests and intelligibility. Carol presented her research as part of our public event Deaf Gain: Exploring … Continued

Listening Together

During the Coronavirus pandemic LxDII are working remotely, testing the boundaries of digital collaboration and research when physical restrictions are imposed. Our work over the coming weeks includes finalizing six podcasts that will be broadcast via Resonance FM and will be made widely accessible online. We are also finalizing partner protocols from the first two … Continued

Care-ful Listening

During our recent Points of Listening public event held at the De La Warr Pavilion we conducted participatory experiments in care-ful listening. Through the workshop process we created collaborative manifestos, guidelines, protocols and imaginations of listening that help us to tune in and take care, to hear the inaudible and that which does not fit … Continued

Simulation-based Learning

We recently visited Debbie Thackray, one of our project partners in Health Sciences at the University of Southampton. Debbie is a lecturer in Physiotherapy, specializing in auscultation (listening to the body via stethoscope) and simulation-based learning. During our visit we observed and spoke with her students as they undertook training with a dummy manikin patient. … Continued

Copenhagen Research Visit

Salomรฉ Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright recently visited the Sound Studies Lab at the University of Copenhagen. The lab is directed by Holger Schulze, one of LxDIIโ€™s project partners. During the fieldwork we were welcomed by researchers Carla J Maier and Melissa Van Drie who took us on a journey through their current individual and … Continued