Copenhagen Research Visit

Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright recently visited the Sound Studies Lab at the University of Copenhagen. The lab is directed by Holger Schulze, one of our project partners. During the fieldwork we were welcomed by researchers Carla J Maier and Melissa Van Drie who took us on a journey through their current individual and collaborative research projects. We discussed the role of sensory ethnography in relation to food and public sculpture and how scenarios of collaboration can be foregrounded within research on sound and anthropology. Along with students we participated in Carla’s audio walk to ‘I Am Queen Mary’, a sculpture made by artists La Vaughn Belle and Jeannette Ehlers. The headphone piece combined field recordings, music and spoken word and brought together ethnographic, theoretical and experimental/poetic dimensions to histories of colonization. With Holger Schulze we discussed a wide range of topics including sonic pedagogy, anthropology and his book The Sonic Persona (Bloomsbury) in which he proposes a plural and visceral framework for research in the field of a cultural anthropology, sound and listening. These discussions and activities are helping form part of our radio podcast series and also feeding in directly to our research on protocols and vocabularies.