Platform for Listening Protocols and Vocabularies

A significant part of LxDII’s work has been the development of listening protocols and vocabularies. These two interlinked aspects of the research project have now been brought together on an interactive digital platform created by our partner Finetuned. Through the different phases, the project has positioned listening as an emerging investigative approach that is able to access new information … Continued

Transversal Sound Studies in Weimar

Salomé Voegelin is embarking on a new travelling performance project entitled Transversal Sound Studies. Her first destination will be an international conference at Bauhaus University Weimar, where she has been invited to deliver the Keynote lecture. She will advocate for a form of undisciplined, interloping sound studies that can work with every discipline to augment their … Continued

Sonification of Social Science Data

Sandra Pauletto is sitting at a computer console creating data sonifications

In June 2021, LxDII moved into a new phase of research with its partner: the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE), London School of Economics. Dr Tania Burchardt and Dr Bert Provan shared their research on the different dimensions of social disadvantage, particularly from longitudinal and neighbourhood perspectives, as well as impacts on public … Continued

Radio broadcasts on Resonance FM: Series 2

A flyer for the radio broadcast series with the words A series of weekly broadcasts on responance FM from March 1st 18.30 UK time.

LxDII are very proud to announce the release of our second series of radio broadcasts on Resonance 104.4 FM. This series presents listening as a professional practice, diagnostic strategy and investigative method in the fields of audiology, engineering, museums, pedagogy, archives, sonification and sound arts. The programmes will air at 6.30pm (UK time) on Tuesdays … Continued

Sounding Knowledge Network Grant

LxDII are excited to announce that Salomé Voegelin (PI) will be continuing her research into sonic pedagogy with a new AHRC Network Grant: Sounding Knowledge Network, with Co-I Werner Friedrichs, Academic Director in Civic Education, University of Bamberg, Germany. The core research team also includes Dr Kevin Logan (Sound Artist and Associate Lecturer at UAL), … Continued