Transversal Sound Studies in Weimar

Salomé Voegelin is embarking on a new travelling performance project entitled Transversal Sound Studies. Her first destination will be an international conference at Bauhaus University Weimar, where she has been invited to deliver the Keynote lecture. She will advocate for a form of undisciplined, interloping sound studies that can work with every discipline to augment their working and thinking from the invisible.
"I am not sitting in a room - urban, political and social resonances" will take place from 24th - 26th of June 2022 at the Faculty of Art and Design, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. The interdisciplinary conference will focus on the question of how our environment would change if we were to shape it based on what we hear. Lectures will be structured around three thematic blocks:
Urban resonances deal with the past and future of acoustic urban space design. How would our future cities look like if they were designed and shaped acoustically? To what extent urban sound design requires the cooperation of different groups and actors? Scientific analyses as well as artistic strategies for the composition of space-sound will be presented.
Political resonances are dedicated to the Politics of Listening. Can listening enable political resistance? With focus on the analysis of soundscapes, to make previously unperceived narratives audible, the organisers also hope to find solutions to the increase of social fragmentation caused by the "Green Deal."
Social resonances explore our acoustic coexistence with the non-human environment. How can we connect with animals? And how can we make their voices more heard? These questions will be explored in an interdisciplinary way, including an attempt to create a collective inter-species chorus of humans and non-human animals.
More details about the International Conference can be found here.