What is sonic pedagogy? How is it practiced and what methods and approaches underpin it? How can it be integrated in teaching and learning? What infrastructure might it require?

As research developed throughout the AHRC funded project Listening Across Disciplines II,  it became increasingly necessary to address questions around the sonic and listening in teaching and learning. Aware that these questions were being raised by fellow theorists, pedagogues and practitioners, a new arm of the LxDII research developed around 'sonic pedagogy'.

To begin to understand what could be included in and understood by the term sonic pedagogy, LxDII hosted a series of workshops with practitioners and theorists whose work shares an interest in the sonic and pedagogy to investigate it as an emerging field. The aim was firstly to explore together what sonic pedagogy is or can be: attempting to find its histories and contemporary points of contact, and to relate those to issues of identity, exclusions and erasures, and the possibility of a plural teaching and learning.  Secondly, we investigated how sonic pedagogy is practiced and what methods and approaches underpin it, including the consideration of digital learning, art-based interventions, participation and community. Lastly, we considered what entrainment, curriculum and educational framework sonic pedagogy might demand, exploring issues of documentation, communication, advocacy and engagement.

A person in a blurry image with lights behind them. The way the camera has caught the light makes the image appear to vibrate.

We are assembling three episodes on sonic pedagogy for our second series of radio broadcasts (2022). These will feature recordings from the workshops. Further to this, an international conference, Sonic Planet, will include sonic pedagogy as one of its central themes, and is being planned for Summer 2022.

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Beneath is a series of blog posts that document how sonic pedagogy has emerged within this research.

Radio broadcasts on Resonance FM: Series 2

A flyer for the radio broadcast series with the words A series of weekly broadcasts on responance FM from March 1st 18.30 UK time.

LxDII are very proud to announce the release of our second series of radio broadcasts on Resonance 104.4 FM. This series presents listening as a professional practice, diagnostic strategy and investigative method in the fields of audiology, engineering, museums, pedagogy, archives, sonification and sound arts. The programmes will air at 6.30pm (UK time) on Tuesdays … Continued

Sounding Knowledge Network Grant

LxDII are excited to announce that Salomé Voegelin (PI) will be continuing her research into sonic pedagogy with a new AHRC Network Grant: Sounding Knowledge Network, with Co-I Werner Friedrichs, Academic Director in Civic Education, University of Bamberg, Germany. The core research team also includes Dr Kevin Logan (Sound Artist and Associate Lecturer at UAL), … Continued

Sonic Pedagogy working group

A person in a blurry image. The light blurring makes the image look energised in an unusual way.

LxDII hosted a study group to investigate the emerging field of sonic pedagogy. Working with a range of international scholars and practitioners, it was split across three iterative sessions. Its aims were to: -explore what sonic pedagogy is or can be: attempting to find its histories and contemporary points of contact, and relating those to … Continued

CRiSAP Soirée on Protocols

On Wednesday 22nd of April, LxDII hosted a lively online soirée on Zoom with members of CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) exploring our work on listening protocols. The aim of the session was to introduce the work on protocols done to date, and to explore and discuss how participants listen in their own … Continued

Copenhagen Research Visit

Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright recently visited the Sound Studies Lab at the University of Copenhagen. The lab is directed by Holger Schulze, one of LxDII’s project partners. During the fieldwork we were welcomed by researchers Carla J Maier and Melissa Van Drie who took us on a journey through their current individual and … Continued


Salomé Voegelin and Mark Peter Wright recently visited Dr Debbie Thackray, one of our project partners in Health Sciences at the University of Southampton. Debbie is a lecturer in Physiotherapy and specializes in auscultation (listening to the body via stethoscope) and simulation-based learning. We discussed a range of fascinating topics that included how students are … Continued

Wellcome Collection Research Visit

Today we had an inspiring research visit to The Wellcome Collection in preparation for our keynote lecture as part of Sounding the Archive, an early career research masterclass taking place at the Wellcome Collection on June 28th, 2019. We will be discussing and performing with specific items from the catalogue collections as a way to … Continued

Workshop on Listening Methods

Image shows students holding a spectrogram and discussing what they might hear in the image

Salomé Voegelin, Anna Barney and Mark Peter Wright co-designed and led a workshop with MA Sound Arts students at London College of Communication. The session explored the ways in which students listen to specific examples from sound arts and the sciences; what methods and approaches are employed; how identification can aid or hinder knowledge; and … Continued