Listening Together

During the Coronavirus pandemic LxDII are working remotely, testing the boundaries of digital collaboration and research when physical restrictions are imposed. Our work over the coming weeks includes finalizing six podcasts that will be broadcast via Resonance FM and will be made widely accessible online. We are also finalizing partner protocols from the first two phases of the research, and continue to develop listening vocabularies. In addition to these core activities we are preparing two future journal contributions and building an exciting series of events for later this year and beyond, when hopefully we can resume social and physical proximity.

Above all we are working with care, exploring the potential of digital platforms whilst attending to the difficulties so many of us are experiencing in this moment. Perhaps listening can be a tool to deal with self-isolation, working from home, uncertainty and the caring for others with all its associate mental health issues. Listening for the space between us might represent a method or practice with which we can continue to communicate and support one another under these difficult circumstances. To this end we share here our Manifesto/protocol for “Care-ful Listening” developed from a public event at the De La Warr Pavilion earlier this year in response to Mikhail Karikisโ€™s work I Hear You, which foregrounded non-verbal neuro-diverse participation and communication.

In this spirit of care and solidarity, we would like also to invite you to share with us on our facebook page your listening in self-isolation, or as you work from home, attend to somebody who is ill; how you are listening, maybe with a new attention, and what you hear differently, maybe for the first time?

Salomรฉ, Mark & Phoebe (LxDII).