Sonic Pedagogy

A person in a blurry image. The light blurring makes the image look energised in an unusual way.

LxDII will host a study group that investigates the emerging field of sonic pedagogy. Working with a range of international scholars and practitioners, and split across three iterative sessions, we will: -explore what sonic pedagogy is or can be: attempting to find its histories and contemporary points of contact, and relating those to issues of … Continued

Making-of: Reflections on Broadcast Editing

Three green post-it notes reading keep the bumps and knocks, no x-fades just jump straight in, and dialogue as atmos score

Listening Across Disciplines: Auditory Practices Across Arts, Science and Technology was a series of six broadcasts aired on Resonance 104.4fm across October and November, 2020. The work presents listening as a professional practice, diagnostic strategy and investigative method in the fields of health science, auscultation, speech synthesis, anthropology, urban planning, and sound arts. Each episode … Continued

Listening with Hannah Semeraro

During the Covid-19 pandemic we are asking project partners how their lives and research has been affected. In this post, Audiologist Dr Hannah Semeraro responds to 3 questions about listening tests, data collection and future impacts. Hannah is a Lecturer in Audiology within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton. She teaches on … Continued

Listening with Carol Chermaz

During the covid-19 pandemic we have been reaching out to project partners, to ask how their lives and research has been affected. In this post, Marie Currie Fellow Carol Chermaz (University of Edinburgh) shares her current work on listening tests and intelligibility. Carol presented her research as part of our public event Deaf Gain: Exploring … Continued

Listening Together

During the Coronavirus pandemic LxDII are working remotely, testing the boundaries of digital collaboration and research when physical restrictions are imposed. Our work over the coming weeks includes finalizing six podcasts that will be broadcast via Resonance FM and will be made widely accessible online. We are also finalizing partner protocols from the first two … Continued