Sonic Pedagogy working group

LxDII hosted a study group to investigate the emerging field of sonic pedagogy. Working with a range of international scholars and practitioners, it was split across three iterative sessions. Its aims were to:

-explore what sonic pedagogy is or can be: attempting to find its histories and contemporary points of contact, and relating those to issues of identity, exclusions and erasures, and the possibility of a plural teaching and learning.

-investigate how sonic pedagogy is practiced and what methods and approaches underpin it? Including the consideration of digital learning, art-based interventions, participation and community.

-consider what entrainment, curriculum and educational framework sonic pedagogy might demand, exploring issues of documentation, communication, advocacy and engagement.

Sessions ebbed across theory and practice, and rolled throughout February 2021 with reflections and future development generated thereafter. A project website,, will be made available shortly. The site will serve to distribute related information and make public discussions, insights and practical outputs from the workshops, as well as plans for future development.

The core sonic pedagogy working group includes the LxDII team, Salomรฉ Voegelin, Mark Peter Wright, Phoebe Stubbs, along with Nicole Furlonge, Kerstin Meissner and Kevin Logan.

Invited guests for the first three sessions were Werner Friedrichs, Abigail Hirsch, Anton Kats, Michael Gallagher, Walter Gershon, Shanti Suki Osman, Tara Page, Holger Schulze and Eder Williams.