Phoebe Stubbs

Project Administrator

Phoebe Stubbs is an artist working in video and image-making, with a focus on glass and its history in the production of technical images. Trained as a glassmaker, she plays with the material of glass as a mediator of information in devices that record and transmit light, such as cameras, telescopes and projectors. A recent interest is the separation of the kind of knowledge produced from these devices from the physical, often embodied, knowledge that produced the components of these devices, such as lenses. The sounds of the glassmaking studio play an increasingly important role in this investigation. 

For 2020, she’s an artist in residence at Wolverhampton University, and the Corning Museum of Glass, developing work for a new audio visual installation. She’s enjoying thinking about how research from Listening Across Disciplines II affects her attention to the sounds of the glass studio.