Dr. Muki Haklay

Prof. of Geographical Information Science, co-director of ExCiteS, UCL

Muki Haklay is Professor of Geographic Information Science at University College London (UCL). He has been combining the fields of Computer Science and Geography throughout his studies, culminating with a PhD in Geography (2002, UCL), which focused on Public Access to Environmental Information. In 2001 he joined UCL as a lecturer and promoted to a professor in 2011. He is the founder and Co-director of the UCL Extreme Citizen Science group, which is dedicate to the development of technologies and methodologies to allow any community, regardless of their literacy, to use scientific methods and tools to collect, analyse, interpret and use information about their area and activities. The group has developed a range of technologies that can be used for participatory science and mapping, including the Sapelli data collection suite (http://sapel.li), and the GeoKey framework for the capture and management of participatory mapping information (http://geokey.org.uk). In addition he is co-founder and director of the social enterprise ‘Mapping for Change’, which provides services in participatory mapping and citizen science (http://mappingforchange.org.uk).