Dr. Hedwig Eisenbarth

Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Southampton

Hedwig Eisenbarth did a PhD in clinical and biological psychology at the University of Wuerzburg (Germany) on emotional detachment in psychopathy. After the PhD she became a research scientist in the Department of Forensic Psychiatry at the University of Regensburg (Germany), working on emotion processing and measurement issues in psychopathic personality as well as on emotional facial expression processing. Before joining the University of Southampton she did a 2-year postdoc at the University of Colorado Boulder where she got trained in functional MRI research as well as in analyses methods. Her research is about the neurobiology of emotion in healthy and criminal contexts. Psychopathy and aggression as well as pain are the constructs we use to investigate the basic mechanisms of emotion processing. Emotions are not only communicated verbally or via facial expressions, but also with the tone of the voice, both intensity and also valence could be detected in the sound of speech, but also other sounds coming from human bodies might carry information relevant to emotional states and health. I will be curious to discuss and to hear thoughts about voices of the human body.